Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers: The Best Car Accessories to Get

You are out shopping for gifts for Christmas and the New Year, but there is always that one friend who is obsessed with cars, and you never quite know what to get for them. You will be surprised to know that there is a whole bunch of things you can get for the person, and that too are car related. The person doesn’t even have to be obsessed with cars; they only have to value car maintenance for them to be appreciative of these gifts. We have a list of car accessories that you can get for the holiday season for some your closest family and friends. These accessories are meant to add convenience and comfort to their lives all the while making the driving experience a whole lot better. So if you are in a difficult situation involving buying gifts, you will definitely be able to find a gift or two from this list we have made regarding car accessories.

  1. Headrest Mounts for all types of mobile devices

Think about your friends you have kids that need to be kept preoccupied with during the commutes or when they go on trips with the entire family. Children and even adults can get quite fidgety and uncomfortable when they have to sit in the car for long periods of time in one position. This is why headrest mounts for devices like iPads and other tablets can be a useful accessory to have in the car. All they have to do is simply hook up the device to the headrest mount, and put on a fun show that will keep the kid busy for hours. They can also play games while they are buckled in the car seat. The headrest mounts can be adjusted and rotated in any way you want making it even more convenient to use.

2. Car fresheners

Sometimes the inside of the cars can get really smelly, and drivers don’t tend to notice. People don’t realize how useful car fresheners are which is why they rarely buy it for themselves, but always appreciate the idea of it. Someone who is very particular about the maintenance of the car is very likely to appreciate this gift as well, so you can get the best kind of car fresheners for them. There are some types of car fresheners that not only make the car smell good but it also gets rid of most of the bacteria in the car, sanitizing it at the same time. People who are heavy smokers are also likely to appreciate this gift because their car won’t smell of cigarettes anymore.

3. Car Video recorders

If you know anyone who goes on a lot of road trips, they will be very happy to receive a gift like this. These dash cams act like go pros for the car, and are a quite affordable way to document the entire journey for time lapses, and more. Any car lover who loves to record their journeys and travels is definitely going to get a lot of use of out of this gift. People who don’t even go on trips a lot, will still appreciate having something like this in their car in case of any accidents that could be recorded on the dash cam.

4. Smartphone holder

This product is essentially a mount for only your smart phone that you can use while driving. For people who don’t have access to Bluetooth in their cars are going to be very grateful for this gift because they can use it to check maps, control music and answer their calls as they are driving. The mount will ensure that the phone is fixed securely in place, and will not fall out of the mount. You don’t even have to worry about what kind of a car they have, because the Smartphone is universal for all types of phones.

5. Custom seat covering

If you know someone who likes to be creative with the interior of their car in terms of the seating and other things, then you can consider getting some customized seat covers for them. This will not only help them protect their original seat covers, but it will also spice up the interior of the car and make it more interesting. Some of the materials that you can go for are corduroy, sheepskin, leather and more. But the only problem that you might face when buying this gift is that you will have to know the right measurements for the covers, in order to ensure that it is a perfect fit.

6. Car covers

One of the most important car accessories that every car owner should have but normally do not is a car cover. Regardless of where you live, or where you park your car, a car cover is crucial for cars because it really give sit that layer of protection that helps a lot to prevent scratches and dents. During the winter, if it snows a lot where the person lives then they are sure to be thankful for a car cover as gift which you can get from

7. Car cooler and warmer

Again, someone who goes on a lot of road trips should definitely have a piece of equipment like this in their cars. It is essentially a portable fridge that will also keep things warm if you need it to. It can be especially useful to store some drinks and snacks when going on long journeys.

8. Bluetooth speaker phone

Some of the techy gifts that everyone should have in their cars is a Bluetooth speaker phone that automatically connects to your phone as soon as you enter the car. This allows people to answer their calls with a lot of convenience as they won’t have to worry about reaching for the phones while they are driving. The Bluetooth device will also enable people to make calls whenever they need to.