The Fleet Management Software Provided by Chevin Fleet Solutions

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Fleet management has been a data-driven industry for a long time now. It isn’t always possible to access the massive data inputs and also analyze it later. Fleet managers used to have to go through handwritten logs and filing cabinets. With the help of the latest technology, you have infinite amounts of data on your fingertips. Now you can streamline your company with easy access to data.

With the arrival of high-end Vehicle maintenance software, it is easy to access your fleet systems from anywhere. Here are some ways it can streamline your operations:

  1. Collecting accurate fleet data

The foundation of the fleet management improvement starts where you collect relevant data about your fleet. In the past this was not something that was an easy task, considering a lot of time is spent on having to monitor and take notes on each vehicle and machine. Busy fleet managers definitely do not have that kind of time. Even the data you have somehow managed to collect may not be completely accurate, especially if it’s based on GPS location where the GPS tools are basic and requires manual updating.

For this means, you have something called telematics, more popularly known as a fleet management system, where the telematics hardware connects to your machine’s engine and collects and transmits data with the help of the CAN-bus. It collects all the data you need and more that you didn’t know you required. For example, engine status, oil pressure, fuel levels, driver operating habits, machine run time and hours of service.

 A telematics software can aggregate the data for you in a comprehensive and visually appealing way, where they should actionable and valuable insights. The software can generate graphs, produce reports and identify trends, where you get an in-depth look at the health of each … Read the rest