A Closer Look At The Vivo 15 Pro

The Vivo V15 Pro is the latest addition to the Vivo family. Built by Motorola, this handset is one of the most innovative phones to come out of the brand in quite some time. With a powerful chipset and virtual keyboard, the Vivo phones are considered quite desirable amongst mobile phone users. As is the case with many modern smartphones, they also have excellent camera functionality, good sound quality and solid memory performance. The Vivo phones however do not have everything that others have; here are some of the Vivo V15 Pro phone features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Fast Charging

As you would expect, the power on this device is exceptional. It easily charges to full in just over half an hour. In fact, it takes just over thirty minutes to reach full charge on one charge. This is in contrast to the iPhone, which can take up to four hours to charge fully. When it comes to multimedia functions, the Vivo does not disappoint. The camera has one of the best built-in video recorders available for this year, whilst the handset also has one of the most comprehensive memory resources available.

One of the key selling features of the Vivo phones is its keyboard. Users will appreciate the size and layout of the keys, as it makes navigating through menus and the interface much easier to handle. Another plus point lies in the on-screen keypad. This is the only part of the phone, which actually looks like a physical keyboard. It offers a decent key layout which can be modified using on screen keyboards. The Vivo phones also support standard text messages as well as MMS (multi-media messaging) applications.

The Software

The software on the Vivo V15 Pro is very solid. The interface is smooth and simple, and the software provides fast and efficient operation. This is further enhanced by the full Android operating system which means that users are provided with a comprehensive range of tools including contact management, email and message management, access to the Google+ social platform and much more. Users will also benefit from being able to enjoy the Google Now feature, which is designed to provide fast and easy access to information.

Security Systems

The software on the vivo v15 pro also provides one of the most comprehensive security systems available. It offers two levels of security, namely enterprise and single sign-in. These include different levels of password encryption and access control. Users will also benefit from the Vivo Protect application, which protects the device from potential theft via the use of passwords and signatures. This is particularly useful when travelling and sharing secure data with people you trust.

All of the features highlighted here should ensure that the Vivo phones are truly suitable for people who are looking for an effective mobile assistant. They provide a solid blend of power, ease of use and security. While they do cost more than many of their competition, this is money well spent as these handsets are likely to last for a long time. By taking advantage of some of the Vivo Pro features, such as the virtual keyboard, you should be able to get a great experience out of using this range of smartphones.