Factors To Consider When Starting An Outdoor Decoration Shop

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With a variety of outdoor decoration shops in Bangkok, Thailand, having an unmatched shop should be a priority. It’s not only exciting but also therapeutic to go for a shopping spree in the city. Creating a memorable experience for your customers either tourists or locals will place you ahead of your competitors. Therefore, consider the following tips when starting an outdoor decoration shop:

Create a website

Clients from across the country can reach out to you when you develop a website. The site should include your rates, testimonials from satisfied clients, photos of the work you’ve done or plan to do, the services you offer, and your contact information. The website will be your greatest and useful marketing tool.


Either by word of mouth, print, or online, advertising your decoration shop will help you offer a discount that will go along with your advertisements. The website address should appear on all the ads as your referral contact information.

Start your portfolio

For potential clients have a portfolio and if you don’t have the photos, perform a couple of free jobs just to get the photos or even ask family members if you can decorate their events. 

Look for additional income opportunities

Archways, helium tanks to fill inflatable arch, also known as ซุ้มโค้งพองลม in Thai, balloons, silk floral centerpieces, and columns for weddings are the commonly rented decorations. Therefore, decide whether you want to rent out these decorations. To add extra income to your business, consider renting out some decorations materials.

Pick a niche

Choosing a specific niche such as decorating family events, weddings (parasol umbrella, archways, floral centerpieces), conference or convention decorator, or birthday party themes (balloons, inflatable arch) will allow specialization in your decoration shop. This will help you to be focused as it narrows you down to the type of customers you should target. 

Plan a meeting place

At appropriate restaurants, outside the shop if you have space, or in a rented business office, can be an appropriate site to hold client meetings. 

Equipment to procure

Having all the necessary items ready before starting an outdoor event decoration will allow you to work without any hindrance, therefore, making the event decoration successful. Your investment will be saved to some extent if you hire some decorative materials that hold a high value. Your decorative shop should have basic items like decor lights, pins, ladders, and screens.

Setup costs

This decides the profitability of the business, therefore, depth research is needed in this area. Make a clear-cut list of all that you need to decide the size of your business. A great impact on the investment planned will be felt when you either decide to buy or rent a concept. With a very minimal investment, you can start up this business as all you need is to contact the material supplier when you receive an order. The total sum of your investment will be the value of items you have in your company.

Labor requirements

The entire working of an outdoor event decoration is labor-intensive, therefore, you need a huge labor requirement. A large number of labor workers will finish it on time as outdoor event decoration demands expedite working. The timely completion of the service you provide will make your business go a long way. To make up the manpower of the business, you require both unskilled and skilled labor. Also have some educated personnel to handle planning, administration, and finance as it’s mandatory too. Have some genuine contact people to give this service at your shop if need be.

If you make events and parties look spectacular, consider starting an event-decoration business. The start-up cost is relatively low and you can work for many types of clients. Plan your venture before starting and enjoy this lucrative and fun business.