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“Getting the layout right is really important to maximise space and functionality,” says Kaboodle Kitchen’s Briony Mikrou. Both stores have a wide range of front styles with different colours and materials, so you may be willing to pay more if you have a strong preference for a style on offer at one or the other. To give a rough guide, we looked at a small L-shaped flat-pack kitchen from Bunnings with space for a microwave, dishwasher and oven, and broke it down into its individual components. We then compared the cost of each component (excluding sink, taps, microwave box, and appliances) to its closest equivalent at Ikea.

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Wren Kitchens blog on all things kitchen, from recipes to the latest design trends. No need to wait days for an accurate quote – simply work out which cabinets & panels you need and then use the extensive ranges in our online shop to get pricing instantly, day or night.

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If you’d like to keep your existing kitchen structures, we can provide precisely cut cabinet doors, drawer fronts and laminate bench tops to give your kitchen a cost-effective face-lift. Your cabinets will be precisely cut to size, based on the measurements provided, to fit your space perfectly.

At Custom Flat Pack Sydney, we specialise in manufacturing custom made kitchen cabinets and other home cabinetry specially built and flat packed to create the perfect addition for your home. Our custom-made cabinets and furnishings will give you the quality and appearance of a top end kitchen design at a low price. Flat pack kitchens are the perfect way to make that old cluttered kitchen a thing of the past. Satisfaction is guaranteed because you’re in control of the whole process.

From corner units to maximise space, to drawers for easier access to items and base units to keep essentials close to hand, our flat-pack collection offers plenty of options Flat Pack Kitchens Bridgeman Downs to help you create a bespoke layout. For landlords who are looking to furnish their properties in a cost-effective and stylish way, flat-pack cupboards are a good option.

Both stores offer many options to style your kitchen to your taste. You can buy flat-pack kitchens from major retailers such as Bunnings and Ikea, and they come in an impressive variety of styles and finishes.

I’ve used Bunnings’ Kaboodle cabinetry in more kitchen renos than I can remember. They’re a great option if you’re renovating properties, say $1 million or less in value. Our high quality flat packed kitchen cabinets are made of 18mm MDF with solid back panels. We have pre-selected our suggestion with each door, but the choice is yours – feel free to change the cabinet colour to suit your needs. If you’d like a free quote on a new flat-pack kitchen,get in touchwith one of our friendly branch managers who can provide a quote that’s customised to your needs.

Xpress is the fastest solution we offer, with your kitchen delivered just 10 business days after final payment. Where other flat pack kitchens may fall short on quality and features, Kinsman Xpress will impress. With a space-saving design that is easy to move around, flat-pack kitchens are great for compact properties like studio apartments, annexes and flats.