Green Drink

If you want to experience that effortless energy you once had as a kid, then look no further than your green drink. Green drinks are designed to improve your body’s pH balance and supply the vital nutrients you need to experience radiant health.

SuperGreens, my personal favorite, is a powerful blend of organic grasses, vegetables, sprouted grains, leaves and high frequency minerals which alkalize, energize and nourish cells as they balance the body’s pH level. SuperGreen’s natural plant ingredients help neutralize acid and pull the blood and tissue balance back to its ideal, more alkaline state.

These raw materials are gathered from the purest sources and tested with a mass spectrometer to ensure they contain no toxins or pesticides. The final product blend includes more than 125 minerals, vitamins and amino acids (the building blocks of protein), to help balance the body’s pH and provide the nutrients needed for the production of healthy cells and energy.

Unlike other green drink formulas, SuperGreens contains no fungi or algae. All the high quality ingredients in piping rock coupon SuperGreens are designed to support life, energy and growth. SuperGreens are also highly concentrated. It takes more than 1 pound of fresh ingredients to produce just 1 ounce of SuperGreens, resulting in a 20:1 concentration.

Aside from the quality and concentration of its ingredients, SuperGreens stands out from other green drinks thanks to a proprietary process known as Micro-Ionization. This process consists of breaking down the SuperGreens ingredients into tiny particles called colloids, which are easy for the body’s cells to absorb. These particles are then electrically charged with a frequency of over 250 megahertz, to further enhance their assimilation.

Scientists have noted that the higher the vibrational frequency of a food, the better it supports life and energy. Our bodies require a minimum of 70 megahertz to function optimally. Raw, organic vegetables have a frequency of approximately 70 to 90 megahertz. A cheeseburger or French fry, by contrast, has a frequency of approximately 3 to 7 megahertz.

As you can see we must nourish our bodies with high frequency foods and supplements to help raise cellular potential and to support optimal energy and overall health.

You can see for yourself the electrical charge in SuperGreens just by opening the jar. The green powdered particles stack up on one another just like iron filings on a magnet. It’s pretty miraculous to see.

A supplement you can add to your water before you mix in the SuperGreens is called Prime pH, which amplifies the positive benefits of SuperGreens. This supplies the body with extra oxygen and electrons, helping to eradicate the free radicals that can damage cells and seriously undermine health.

Although some do like the taste of green drinks, many find it to become an acquired taste. The more alkaline your body is to start with, the more you will find the taste of green drink palatable. If you are struggling with the taste, you can start by lowering the amount you add to your water in the beginning and work your way up to the suggested amount.

A diet that includes SuperGreens will help the body in clearing acid wastes gently from your body. I know from personal experience that drinking your greens every day – even for just a couple of weeks – will have an amazing impact on your health. You’ll discover a level of energy you may have not had in many, many years.