Issue of residence permit for study

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When the foreign citizen who must follow a training course or carry out an internship arrives in Italy, he must submit a residence permit request to the local Police Headquarters by sending the postal kit. Here’s how to get Visa Italy residence. 

THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTS First of all, it takes a photocopy of the entire passport, and then again a photocopy of the certification attesting the course of study to be followed endorsed by the Italian embassy, ​​photocopy of the insurance policy for illness and accident. The Police Headquarters, precisely the immigration office, will call the person directly concerned for the photo report and the subsequent issue of the permit. 

The residence permit that will be issued has the validity indicated by the visa itself (generally corresponding to the duration of the course of study or internship you intend to follow) and can be converted into work reasons only within the framework of the flows decree at the end of the course of training or internship, by submitting the application, within the time established by the decree through the form V. Generally it cannot be renewed, except for the case of the foreign citizen who enrolls in a degree course related to the single course for which entry is required. 

This residence permit for study issued to university students has a limited duration (usually three months) if you have to take an entry test for admission to the university faculty. The request must always be submitted by sending the postal kit. Only once you have been admitted can you apply for a residence permit. Also in this case, at a later time the person concerned will be summoned to the Questura – immigration office – for the photo signaling and the subsequent issue of the permit which will be of annual duration


The holder of a residence permit for study (university or internship) can freely move to the countries of the Schengen area for periods of less than three months without fulfilling any formal obligation and free of entry visa. If he needs it, he could apply for the granting of Italian citizenship (provided that 10 years of residence have elapsed). It is also possible to request a permit to family reunification, as well as register with the National Health Service (SSN) – voluntarily by paying a flat-rate fee for participation. Finally, it is possible to benefit from social security interventions connected to the establishment of a regular employment relationship and convert one’s residence permit for study into a residence permit for awaited employment, lasting one year.