Profitable gifts and business tips to sell them during the festive season

35+ Hot-Selling Products To Selling During Christmas And New Year



The year 2020 was no less than a big fat shock and it turned out taxing for the human race in all possible measures. The business industry too took a fall in its face and the wrath is still continuing. Although between last year and now, ways of working out this system even with hurdles have been found and are very much in implementation. Likewise, we have summarised a list of profitable terms for the gift sellers and the industry. The crux of which is to make a mix of online and offline presence to gain an audience from both sectors. In challenging times and with lockdown too, selling products or even finding consumers in the market was neither possible nor wise. And it was when brands and marketers discovered the angle of online activity. Majorly social media has become a boosting platform. It includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and more. And the stark rise has evidently shown to bring profits to businessmen who deal with gift selling.


Types of online gifts


  • Teddy bears

You can sell teddy bear online through your online and offline portals. They make good and decent gifting options throughout the year and work well for everyone. Everyone is your customer and good teddies steal everyone’s heart. Brown, pink, white, red are the major colours people prefer when buying teddy bears and it’s clever to have them in all sizes. Ones with bows and ribbons are the most liked.


  • Handbags

Handbags are good options to sell as gifts, especially keeping types that are both black and sleek and extra glam with leopard print and more. Focus on keeping the pricing as such that your competing brands don’t get an upper hand. For example, don’t keep prices like ginger would but don’t stoop too down just to get an audience.


  • Customised gifts

Customised gifts are a must-have option for all those who are aiming to make some profits. Mugs, t-shirts, pillows, LED lamps, accessories, photo frames and many other things are good. You need to tie up with brands or vendors who lead with such product categories and take your product from them. Adding your margin to it you can place your brand name and sell it to the audience who likes you.


  • Bouquets

Flower bouquets can be easily bought offline but online portals have an extra token of speciality to add to it. You can sell it too and give customisable options like adding chocolates, greeting cards, multiple roses, or even a flower box. Flower mugs, customised planters are also ways of bringing the twist of newness to otherwise usual presents.


  • Accessories

Accessories are an easy to gift option for everyone. You should have it in your store too. And for both girls and guys. Bracelets, tiara, rings, dog tags, pendant and a lot more are easily shipped by consumers. Many brands focus entirely on these products but you can compete with them in terms of your pricing and product variety.


Business tips


  • Be on social media

No matter how good your products are, in today’s date if you are not on social media it is hard for your audience to rely on you or check your reviews. Make a presence on vital social media channels and talk more than just sales.


  • Post regularly

Post pictures, videos, updates about your store and products. Decide particular days that you keep for posting and keep your audience engaged meanwhile. Do not put posts that are not significant to the page although feel free to dip your toes in conversations around the world and get good attraction by talking healthy.


  • Indulge in trends

Instagram trends coming majorly from TikTok are big means of gaining an audience and indulging in interaction. It keeps you in conversations and up and thriving in the market. The public tends to notice your brands. The process is called cultural branding and is about doing what your audience does to become their friends.


  • Do contests, live sessions, QnA

Many platforms give you an option to come in live conversation with your audience. It is extraordinary to track your audience, know about their likes and dislikes, understand their wants and pave the way for them to disclose what they want. It will help you to narrow down your collection too to sell the right thing to the right target audience.


  • Run campaigns

Whenever you are launching a new product, do a series of advertising or showcasing campaigns where you display all your products and stir the market with excitement and want to buy the product as soon as it launches. Start with it before you launch the products out for the public, but create a curiosity, then do rapid stories and posts letting people know of discounts for the first comers and so on.


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