The New Brand on the Luxurious Watches Block

Working at one of the most beautiful jewelry stores in Florida and one that specializes in luxury watches that can be sold at great prices, I seem to focus on the watches people do wear. Recently, I’ve seen many people wearing the TechnoMarine and Daniel Wellington watch brand on their wrist. The brand TechnoMarine was launched in 1997. It was launched in St. Tropez, France, and an entrepreneur started it by the name of Franck Dubarry. Look at ホワイトデーギフト website for more information about the best White day gift watches from Daniel Wellington.


TechnoMarine quickly became widely popular when it released its first watch, the Raft. The Raft had a fresh look because of its exciting and modern design for adventure. The watch was designed and built with a stainless steel case that had an unusual rubber cover with a sizable unidirectional bezel that was most distinctive. I can think of many reasons, but one reason that stands out for this watch’s soaring path to popularity was that colorful dial and bracelet that matched. A smart addition to the watch’s functionality was that the band and case cover could be changed quite quickly so that anyone could swap bands to match the outfit of the day.

Raft Model

Astonishingly, the Raft model sold over 50,000 units in the first year on the market. That’s the most spectacular feat for the newcomer on the block of such an old trade. Franck Dubarry soon moved its headquarters to Los Angeles, CA., to gain a more significant portion of the watch market. It was there, in LA, where TechnoMarine started to produce the watches that would come to mark their legacy.

This consisted of a comprehensive collection of diving watches that were, for the most part, released in the late 1990′s, this first collection was made up of a combination of PU and stainless steel chronographs – it combined chic French designs with unmatchable Swiss technology. TechnoMarine gleaned from the success of its first line of products and continued to produce watches that had a variety of brilliant colors that also featured interchangeable colored watch bands.


TechnoMarine blazed along with its success with the release of the TechnoDiamond. That happened in 1999. The TechnoDiamond has the same look as the Raft has in many of its features, except that it has diamonds in that uniquely designed bezel. This would come to allow TechnoMarine to draw customers who were searching for a watch. That was more luxurious than sporting. You can visit ダニエルウェリントンPETITE website for more information about Daniel Wellington Petite watches.

Anyone in the business will admit that they admire TechnoMarine for their unmatched accomplishments, and for reaching such great heights in a market that is drowning in well established (not to mention trusted) watch brands. TechnoMarine does deserve all the credit they get because they craft gorgeous watches, and I’ve been seeing them come into my work more and more often. These types of watches are fantastic for those looking to establish an outstanding watch collection without having to go into terrible debt or break the bank. For your reference, these particular watches cost in the neighborhood of $200 to $400, and the very popular Raft only cost about $190.