The Professional Approach To Making Offers On Cryptocurrency Investment

Finding a great deal on cryptocurrency investment may be as hard as looking in the local paper once a week, or it may take a little digging and a lot of hard work. Once you find that great deal, though, what matters is getting it. To do that, the seller must agree to a contract that will work for you. While it sounds like a job for seasoned sales pros, anyone can get a good cryptocurrency investment by learning about who is teeka tiwari and following his tips. 

Get to Know the Seller

Countless studies have shown that people make financial decisions for emotional reasons, like buying a car from the salesperson they like even though there may have been a better deal available. This is not to say that the seller will agree to anything just because they want you. However, by getting to know the person behind the offer, they will see that you are a severe investor like them and not just someone trying to get something for nothing.

Set the Tone for a Possible Deal

The fastest way to kill a deal is by dragging your feet with the seller asking dozens of questions about them and the cryptocurrency but never showing any real interest. It should go without saying that you do not want to seem desperate, but begin discussing the terms of a possible deal with the owner as soon as possible. This will let them know that you are a potential buyer and not just a “tire-kicker” who wastes their time.

Find the Seller’s Motivation Level

The other advantage of discussing a possible deal with the owner is that it lets you gauge just how motivated they are to sell the cryptocurrency. If they drag their feet getting back to you or are vague and unsure about the things you ask, they probably aren’t very motivated to sell. They are either talking to another investor, probably someone they feel a little stronger connection to or think is more serious about buying.

Go Over the Details

Once the general terms of an agreement have been discussed, the next step is to flesh them out in more detail. While this should not go as far as full-blown due diligence (save that for after you buy the cryptocurrency), it should cover enough information to put an offer together. Remember, this is not an offer that you are making to “test the waters.” This should be a severe offer put together with the seller that they will want to sign as soon as it is ready.

Put the Pieces Together

The last step in the negotiating process is finding out what the seller is most interested in and what they are willing to do without. They may not be ready to negotiate lower than a specific price but have no problems with offering owner financing or taking a lower down payment. Finding out what the seller wants, their ultimate reason for selling in the first place, and then helping them get it is the key to successful negotiating.