Using a Consumer Loan Calculator

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Consumer loans are a type of credit offered to customers by lending institutions to offset personal financial needs. If you are applying for a consumer loan, then you will certainly be considering several factors that affect the process. The essence of doing this is to ensure that you make the right decision both in terms of amount and the lending institution. One step that will help you make the right decision is using a loan calculator.

Loan calculation is one of the critical stages in a consumer credit application and it is required that you take your time to carry out the process. One way to simplify the process is to use a forbrukslån kalkulator which is an automated tool that assists you with understanding what the monthly plan payments entail. It also provides you with what the total cost may look like. There are several calculators available online but using the best tool may just be the ideal step to take.

How to Use a Loan Calculator for Consumer Loans

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  1. Select the desired amount: Here, you will be required to input the amount you intend to borrow. 
  2. Determine Your Repayment Period: Here, you can determine a convenient repayment period based on your income.
  3. Select your estimated credit score: An estimate will be created by the system to enable you to choose a score that is within your range. The calculator now calculates and shows your monthly costs and the total amount you are expected you pay. 

Benefits of Using a Calculator

The following are some benefits of using this tool:

Helps to Determine Credit Eligibility

Your calculator requests for relevant information such as your credit rating, income, etc and this makes it possible for it to determine your eligibility. Finding out your eligibility for a loan before application saves a lot of time.

Financial Planning

Getting the relevant information needed for a loan before your application helps you to manage your finances better. With a good calculator, you can reduce your expenditure for the duration of the loan. If you need other tips to help you manage your money, you can check here:

Helps to Determine Loan Tenure

A calculator helps you to calculate the ideal tenure for your credit. With this, you will not only determine the best value, but you will also know the number of payments to be made during the duration of the loan.

Interest Rate

One of the important benefits of this calculator is its ability to calculate the interest rate to be paid to the lender. With the interest rate in mind, you can decide on choosing a particular lender or exploring other options.

Types of Consumer Loans 

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The following are some common types of consumer loans:

Personal Loans

This is the most common type of consumer loans as most financial institutions offer them. You can apply for this option if you have personal emergencies that you need to settle or for any other purpose. With a good credit record, you can easily secure this option as it doesn’t require collateral before funds can be disbursed by the lending institution.

Student Loans

This is another popular option, especially for younger people. It is quite easy to secure once you meet the minimum requirements for approval. The primary lender of this credit option is the government although some private companies still offer student loans to borrowers. 

Student loans have two major types: non-subsidized and subsidized student loans. Non-subsidized loans are open to all borrowers while subsidized loans are exclusively offered to students with financial needs. The repayment plan for this type of credit can take several last between 5 to 10 years, or more in some cases.

Line of Credit

This is a recurring borrowing system. It involves the repayment of a loan and borrowing the same amount again. Line of credit uses credit cards so borrowers are required to apply for a credit card at any bank or lending institution. You also need to know that credit cards have a tendency of affecting your credit score so you do not abuse the usage.

Mortgage or Car Loans

Mortgage loans are financial provisions used to fund the purchase of a property. If you intend to own a home and you are financially constrained, you can apply for this type of loan. However, the house will be used as collateral.

Car loans are similar to mortgage loans in terms of purpose. It is used to finance the purchase of a car. In some cases, the repayment duration for this type of credit lasts up to 10 years. 

How to Find the Best Loans 

Some people tend to submit a loan application to lending institutions that show lower costs in their loan example or calculator. However, this is not ideal especially if you are looking for the best offer. The following tips will be helpful:

Go for an Amount that You Can Repay

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It is important that you check your finances to know if it can service the loan. If your income cannot afford to repay the loan within the agreed tenure, it is not a good decision to go ahead with the plan. If you fail to repay within the stipulated period, it will affect your record and this will affect your ability to secure credit in the future.

Send Out Different Applications

Having different offers is important in credit applications as it will help you decide the option with the best offer. We recommend that you use an equal figure and repayment for all the applications sent out to different lending institutions.

Get a Loan Officer

If you intend to save time and effort, then you may need the services of a loan officer. A loan officer also known as a mortgage broker serves as an intermediary between a borrower and a lender. While you can easily borrow from a lending institution, a credit broker helps you with finding a lender that can meet your financial needs. You can learn more about their services and responsibilities in this article.

How Credit Repayments Work

The following will explain what you are expected to repay when you take a consumer credit:

Principal: This is the amount deposited into the account of the borrower. You will be required to repay the principal.

Interest: This is what the lending institution charges to lend money to a borrower. For some consumer loans, you may get a fixed interest rate which does not change for the duration of the loan. Market forces, credit history, and score determine interest rates, so if your credit score is high, the interest rate on your credit will be low.

Fees: These are additional costs involved in taking out a loan like origination fees, insufficient balance fees, late fees, and others.

Your monthly repayment is based on how much you borrowed and the repayment term. For instance, a $5,000 loan to be paid over 5 years will have a lower monthly repayment than a $5,000 loan repaid over 3 years due to spread out of the repayment plan.


Loan calculators are an essential aspect of credit applications. It helps borrowers understand what they are expected to repay at the end of every month as well as the interest rate on specific amounts. You can easily find this automated tool online if you are considering financing a project with a loan.