What Is an Integration Platform?

What is an Integration Platform? Clarity Connect integration platform is software that integrates various services and programs within an organization. It differs from the standard enterprise software integration that has a strong focus on supply chain management alone. Instead, it uses the concept of system integration to make an integrated environment for software engineers working on different platforms. It also allows for the easier deployment of software within a company.

Integration Platform

An integration platform can be defined as a set of product development tools and associated software that help product development companies bring forward integrated solutions to their clients. It usually targets specific functional areas of a company such as e-commerce, enterprise social computing, enterprise search, or mobile commerce. The integration engine software can help in the development of business process modeling and data integration into ERP systems. This enables easy collaboration among various departments through an integrated set of products and can help decision-making in an organization.

Integration can be done in many ways, including website design, packaged solutions, and source code modifications. Web site integration enables programmers and developers to create websites with custom MVC (model, view, validation) syntax, and custom CSS/HTML coding according to the client’s needs. Platform integration can be done through common language interfaces (CLI) that allows programmers to write a program code in the same way as the client’s code. These solutions have been used widely in the field of software development. An enterprise-level integration platform can be a collection of database, desktop processing, and integration services that can be deployed according to organizational needs. These solutions provide support for CRM, content management, and other ERP applications.

Integration Solutions

Integration solutions can include a full range of solutions such as web application development, custom user interface, or integration of other software systems and business processes. These solutions also deal with the integration of information from different sources, such as customer information, internal systems, and external data sources. These solutions are used in call centers and help desks.

Complete integration solution

An in-house-developed ERP solution or an outsourced solution is a good answer to the question, ‘What is an integration platform?’ However, a complete integration solution can also be achieved by using web-based software application development solutions. This solution involves the development of an ERP system and the integration of web services in one application. The web services may include rich client-side scripting technology, such as Adobe Flex, Ajax, JavaFX, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, XML, Rails, .NET, PHP, and Python code.

Online Presence

Some companies may require a minimal online presence and may decide to develop and deploy a stand-alone CRM solution. To meet this need, they can go for web-based CRM software application development solutions. CRM web application solutions are designed to allow companies to make the most out of their CRM solutions and integrate all the various modules into one system. Web-based CRM software applications enable companies to save time and money and at the same time manage their business effectively. Integration platforms have become so popular these days that there are hundreds of thousands of companies offering CRM software solutions. Today, almost every company in the world is offering CRM solutions, and this trend is not likely to change shortly.